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Vacuidad (2021) Poster by Eduardo Gallardo
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" Emptiness" deeply moved me. this animation is realistic, original with great visual and sound effect. The directing is inspiring and the subject matter touches in inner self."

- Mahmoud Reza Sani, Film director and writer

" Is this what happens when we die? Vacuidad exhibits a directorial maturity, subtextual richness, and theatrical abstraction, unlike anything I've ever seen."

- Adrian Perez, Lonely Wolf International Film Festival

"It's true that Emptiness will surely find its audience among those who appreciate the alternative side of animation, but that's precisely why it's such an invigorating and daring work."

- Ray Laguna, Animación para Adultos

"This film will make you think hard about life and who we really are and what are we made up of."

- Cult Critic Magazine

"Emptiness" Must be watched in order to gain your own experience of perception."

- Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival

Vacuidad 2021 Poster 1
Vacuidad 2021 Poster 2


What are we really made of?

Surrounded by the dark, A man experiences visions about the inside and outside of his being as he removes his "liar faces" which lead him into an introspective struggle that will reveal the true nature of his existence.



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